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Expected Vacancies in SSC CGL 2017 examination

SSC CGL Expected Vacancies in 2017


SSC CGL 2017 vacancies expected: CGL 2017 exam is expected to fill up more than 25,000 vacancies this year. This estimation has come from the Directorate of Employment (Govt. of NCT of Delhi) portal. Most of the vacancies in SSC CGL 2017 are to be filled according to the reserved quotas as per the schedule.

Most of the SSC CGL 2017 vacancies are to be filled in Income Tax, Excise and Customs Department. This does not mean that other subordinate posts including  Tax assistants and Statistical officer post have been reduced. There is always a uniformity in the post. 

Expected Vacancy Distribution in SSC CGL 2017

1. Income Tax Officers:

After the introduction of a cashless economy scheme by the PMO office preceded by honourable Narender Modi, It is expected that there will be a huge opening in Income Tax post. After the currency ban in India, there is a huge demand of Income Tax officers to rectify the situation. Moreover, Banks are struggling to cope up with the effect of new currency exchange regime. 

It is believed that approximately 15000 posts in CGL 2017 are aiming for Income Tax assistants this year. Also, this has become very important to the central government to hire more and more Income officers for stopping black money menace in India. 

2. Ministry OF External Affairs:

Last year in SSC CGL 2016, there was no recruitment in this field. But in 2017, Staff Selection Commission is opting to maximise its strength in Assistant Section Officer Post in Ministry Of External Affairs. This is a very responsible post and thanks to our prime minister for improving our International relations with foreign countries. More than 2000 posts are expected in CGL 2017 in this section. 

3. Intelligence Bureau:

With the increase of terrorist activities in India, the year 2017 is expected to bring more Intelligence Bureau Assistants. There were only 70 vacancies in 2016 exam. The Indian Home Ministry has asked Staff Selection Commission to slightly increase this figure to tackle the prevalent menace. 


In all, there will be slight changes in the post fillings. It is expected that SSC will give priority to CAG and Income Tax Assistants in 2017 exam but there are no major changes in Syllabus this year. All the vacancies are to be filled by March 31, 2018, through online assessment. 

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