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CGL First Attempt



Is it possible to clear SSC CGL (Combined Graduate Level) Exam in the first attempt? Well, the answer is Yes! More than 4 lac students sit for SSC CGL exam very year and two-third of them are repeaters. It means one-third of the test takers qualify the exam in their first attempt. 

So, if you want to secure a post in Central Government by cracking this competitive exam, this post will help you build up the same attitude needed for the job. After applying, your state of mind decides your future CGL Result

First Attempt Strategies:

1. Subject Knowledge

If you are serious about cracking this tough entrance exam, you need to have a thorough subject knowledge. You should be aware of all the necessary educational tools and concepts required to tackle the questions in the real exam. The first attempt is the most important take on the exam as you would a fresh graduate with many brainstorming ideas of Mathematics and English Comprehension.

2. Read the Syllabus

You should always have a copy of CGL Syllabus handy to check the required topic. Read the Syllabus line by line and figure out which topics are more important from the exam point of view. Do not go beyond the Syllabus. Treat it as the holy bible which would allow you to clear SSC CGL in First Attempt.

3. Follow a Time Table

Most of the first-time qualifiers stick to a fixed study time table. This is very important if you most to excel in this exam. Since the level of competition is rising day by day, you should follow a strict Time Table of your choice. It is not necessary that you should study for 10 hours a day. But try to allocate time for pleasure which ensures mental and Physical Health as well.

4. Mock Tests

Even the top-ranking students give many mock tests to check the level of exam preparation. Mock Tests not only helps to check the level of preparation but also helps to experience a real exam pressure. It is crucial to give mock tests after thorough subject knowledge. 

5. Maintain Healthy diet

It is all the more important that you have a healthy diet in order to succeed in the examination. Include green vegetables and fruits in your diet. Exercise daily to build up Stamina. Yoga is the best way to provide mental fuel for the test.

6. Avoid Pitfalls

Many students fail in their SSC CGL first attempt because they fall into traps. 

What are the SSC CGL First Attempt traps?

a) Students get into Over-confidence zone which takes away their chance to qualify the exam. Always remember Self confidence is the only Key to Success.

b) Wasting Time in very hard questions which have less probability of occurrence in the main examination. Stop wasting your valuable time in less important questions. Rather look for frequent occurring questions in the exam.

c) Lack of Practice is another pitfall which will lead towards failure. Always remember Practice defeats intelligence. Without practice, all the subject knowledge is of no use.


In all, it is total up to you to follow the golden rules stated above to clear the SSC CGL in First Attempt. Hard work and patience always pay. 

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